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ASP.NET Core in Action, version 3, is now available

I'm excited to announce that the third edition of ASP.NET Core in Action is available now from the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP)! 🎉 With Manning’s early access program, you get the first chapters immediately and access to a forum where I'll answer your questions directly. The later chapters will be progressively released as I write them.

This latest version of ASP.NET Core in Action is fully updated to .NET 7, including the latest patterns around WebApplication hosting, configuration, and minimal APIs. You'll learn about the fundamentals of ASP.NET Core such as middleware, dependency injection, configuration, authentication, and much more. All the code and samples will be fully updated to the final .NET 7 release when it's released in November!

In this new version you'll learn how to use minimal APIs to build HTTP APIs, when to choose them over Web API controllers, how model binding works, how to create consistent APIs with ProblemDetails, and much more! On top of that, we'll cover building server-rendered page-based applications with Razor Pages, so you can use whichever paradigm makes most sense depending on the application!

As a bonus, you can use the discount code mllock3 to get 40% off. It's only valid until October 13th, so make sure to grab it quickly!

ASP.NET Core in Action, third edition

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