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About this blog

Welcome to .NET Escapades, a blog created to share my experiences and learning as I journey into the new pastures of ASP.NET Core. It will cover tutorials and explanations of current developments, as well as detailing any problems encountered along the way! My goal is to share any useful information I find, in the hope that it will be helpful for someone else. I'm always learning, and there's always more to know, so if you think there's something I have missed, have got wrong, or would benefit from, please do send a comment, or drop me a message - it'll be greatly received!

About me

My name is Andrew Lock, though everyone knows me as ‘Sock’. I am a full-time developer, working predominantly in full stack ASP.NET development in Devon, UK. I graduated with an MEng in Engineering from Cambridge University in 2008, and completed my PhD in Medical Image Processing in 2014. I have experience primarily with C# and VB ASP.NET, working both in MVC and WebForms, but have also worked professionally with C++ and WinForms.

ASP.NET Core in Action

I recently finished writing a book on ASP.NET Core: ASP.NET Core in Action. You can purchase the eBook or paperback book from the Manning website at, or on Amazon. Thanks!

Free .NET Core eBook

Dustin Metzgar has put together a free eBook, Exploring .NET Core with Microservices, ASP.NET Core, and Entity Framework Core, containing a collection of five hand-picked chapters introducing you to the art of applying modern development practices and patterns to your .NET Core projects. It even features a chapter from my book ASP.NET Core in Action. You can download it for free from


Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me at b4d5dad0c6d1c3d8dbd7df9adad1c0f4d3d9d5ddd89ad7dbd9.

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