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Series: Using Serilog.AspNetCore in ASP.NET Core 3.0

One of the great aspects of ASP.NET Core is that logging is built-in to the framework. That means you can (if you want it) get access to all the deep infrastructural logs in your standard logging infrastructure. The down side to this is that sometimes you can get too many logs.

In this short series I describe how to use Serilog's ASP.NET Core request logging feature. In the first post I describe how to add the the Serilog RequestLoggingMiddleware to your application, and the benefits it provides. In subsequent posts I describe how to customise the middleware further to add additional data.

I've had these posts in draft for a while. Since then, Nicholas Blumhardt, creator of Serilog, has written a comprehensive blog post on using Serilog with ASP.NET Core 3.0. It's a very detailed (and opinionated) piece, that I strongly recommend reading. You'll find most of what I talk about in this series in his post, so check it out!

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